Clear Top Tent

Clear Top Tent

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Clear Top Tents

Our Clear Top Tent is an innovative and unique option for outdoor events, providing a beautiful and memorable experience for guests. The clear roof of the tent allows for an unobstructed view of the sky, making guests feel as though they are outside while still enjoying the protection and comfort of being under a tent.

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Clear Top Tents

 20' x 20"

 20' x 40'

 20' x 45'

 30' x 45'

 20' x 60'

 30' x 60'

 40' x 60'

 40' x 75'

Here's a list of tent accessories available:

 Pine Wood Floor

 Raised floor

 Platform and podium



 Connection canopy


 Bistro Lighting

 Heating - Air conditioning


 Mobile toilets






 Lounge furniture

 Services staff

 Ceiling draperies

 Decorative drapery for posts

 Vinyl Covering

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