Marquee Tent 20' x 20'

Marquee Tent 20' x 20'

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Marquee Tents

Self-supporting marquee tents, also called; small tent are available in various sizes. The advantage of these small marquees is that they can be set up easily and just about anywhere. All the walls of the self-supporting tents are sliding and are available with French window or completely white. In addition, these small marquees will protect you from both rain and sun thanks to the anti-ultraviolet fabric that all tents and marquees have.

We can offer you a turnkey project for your tent rental

 Site inspection

 Detailed quote

Marquee tents sizes

 10' x 10'

 10' x 20'

 15' x 15'

 20' x 20'

 20' x 30'

 20' x 40'

 20' x 60'

 20' x 80'

Here's a list of tent accessories available:

 Regular floor

 Raised floor

 Varnished floor

 Carpet and vinyl covering


 Connection canopy



 Heating - Air conditioning


 Mobile toilets






 Lounge furniture

 Services staff

 Ceiling draperies

 Decorative drapery for posts

 Platform and podium

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