Structure Tent 40' x 60'

Structure Tent 40' x 60'

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Structure Tents

Structure tents are preferred due to their free-standing design as the legs are solely around the perimeter. Structure tents may be used with or without sidewalls and can be built in 15' increments. Structure tents resemble a more permanent structure as the fabric of the tent is supported by rigid frames instead of poles. Structure tents are ideal for weddings, corporate functions and sporting events, long-term installations or climate-controlled events.

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Structure Tents Sizes

 30' x 45'

 30' x 60'

 30' x 75'

 30' x 45'

 40' x 45'

 40' x 60'

 40' x 75'

 50' x 60'

 50' x 75'

 50' x 90'

 60' x 60'

 60' x 75'

 60' x 90'

 82' x 82'

 82' x 100'

Here's a list of tent accessories available:

 Regular floor

 Raised floor

 Varnished floor

 Carpet and vinyl covering


 Connection canopy



 Heating - Air conditioning


 Mobile toilets






 Lounge furniture

 Services staff

 Ceiling draperies

 Decorative drapery for posts

 Platform and podium

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