Rustic Tents

Rustic Tents

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Rustic Tents

Our rustic tents are perfect for a garden or a country wedding. Waterproof fabric tissue ceiling, center pole and perimeter pole made of naturel wood. Optional: naturel pine wood flooring.

We can offer you a turnkey project for your tent rental

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Rustic tents sizes

 24' x 44"

 32' x 92'

 24' x 84'

 46' x 66'

 32' x 52'

 46' x 85'

 32' x 72'

 46' x 105'

Rustic Round Tents

  24' Round                                       32'  Round                                     46' Round

Here's a list of tent accessories available:

 Pine Wood Floor

 Raised floor

 Platform and podium



 Connection canopy


 Bistro Lighting

 Heating - Air conditioning


 Mobile toilets






 Lounge furniture

 Services staff

 Ceiling draperies

 Decorative drapery for posts

 Vinyl Covering

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